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Since 2000 my vision is to go out of this world with a bang a large impact to save as many souls as we can before God arrives. He show me in a dream the last hours of my life, which motivated me to spend my time more wisely and more strategically, later in my years I realize spending it with loved ones is just as precious as anything. My aim is not to chase money but to help finish the story, in the bible. The end won’t come unless the gospel is finished proclaiming the gospel to the ends of the world.  What better way to proclaim it better but with music, you can move to. So I try to find artists who are inspired by God, that their very words can shake open the gates of heaven to pour out a blessing of wisdom on young and old minds. Hopefully, change the world’s perspective on how we see things in life in general.

About Roboboy AKA Geon

Roboboy AKA Geon

Born in Kingston Jamaica on June 6, 1984, His parents were Sonia Fiddler an LPN Nurse, and his father Victor Stephenson a Graphic Designer/ Entrepreneur. Escaping poverty from the skin of his teeth, God paved a way so Geon Stephenson can live his best life.
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